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Thanks for the FB....again ! (and yes it is helpful )
In that case I'd def. go for the library, I think the lack of distraction is important - so long as you can pace yourself ? I can get very antsy in libraries myself, but do ok If I allow myself frequent breaks or some other kind of *treat* ! (What a kid !!)

As to your cards - M is an ex so this makes sense. I can see how we would both do the polite boundary bit , but as you say this probably out of fear of some flood gate which - Tho there- difficult to know what to do with as each of our lives seemingly well developed and on a *set* course ? Thankyou .

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Hi Sam, this is what I felt it would be. CWS - co-working spaces vs the national library (PNM). I felt like being at a CWS would have me trying to resist disruptions from other 'co-workers'. The library would be a real change as I'm looking forward to some quiet time, and is definitely a dead quiet place haha (and no chance to mingle with other people/opportunities - death!) Third alternative would be working from home, which I dread but who knows

Ace of cups/Strength

I see some emotional struggle between you and M, it is as though you care for each other a lot but trying to avoid going overboard with the love/concern for one another? I almost see you both keeping a polite distance to draw a boundary. You have each other's best interest at heart so things will be looking up soon if there was a struggle before.
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