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Originally Posted by wooden-eye View Post
Well- the samples came and boy I was glad I ordered them. The whole thing was not as good as I had expected. Perhaps the print on demand thing will never match that of making all the choices from scratch and creating a bespoke deck. Choosing from very limited options is - well, limiting.
That said I have lightened up all the images and sent off again. A bit frustrating to wait again, but again worth it.
Mean while i have sketched out almost all the cards for my new tarot and have the go-a-head from my publisher to start shouting about Bonefire's November release date. So no time is wasted these days......(bit stressed actually.)
Sketched the new tarot?! Great!!!!

It is sometimes not so smooth in beginning with print-on-demand, but it is the same with all the printers checking the proofs until they can be cleared out. Yes, the waiting part is stressing indeed, but after you found the right colors, light, arrangement, it goes by itself, you have your beautiful deck up and rolling.
Patience, please, you already trained that on us.
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