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Can't wait to delve into that blog! It'd be nice to read interps that are less steeped in cisgendered and heteronormative framework and I say this as a cis/het woman myself. It's been a glaring neon sign for me for years now. For me, personally speaking, a lot interpretations are problematic in terms of gender and sexuality, not to mention other identity markers. Same with astrology.

And yes, I realize it's an ancient art, but for me, I bring my own 21st century present-ist lens to the table and I use that as a strength, rather than as a weakness to work against. It's how I was trained as a scholar in dramaturgy for play analysis. I guess that sort of contextualzing approach seeps over into how I critique and analyze the stories and ideas behind tarot and astrology.

I'm stoked to read this blog! Thanks for the rec!
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