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Can't wait to delve into that blog! It'd be nice to read interps that are less steeped in cisgendered and heteronormative framework and I say this as a cis/het woman myself. It's been a glaring neon sign for me for years now. For me, personally speaking, a lot interpretations are problematic in terms of gender and sexuality, not to mention other identity markers. Same with astrology.

And yes, I realize it's an ancient art, but for me, I bring my own 21st century present-ist lens to the table and I use that as a strength, rather than as a weakness to work against. It's how I was trained as a scholar in dramaturgy for play analysis. I guess that sort of contextualzing approach seeps over into how I critique and analyze the stories and ideas behind tarot and astrology.

I'm stoked to read this blog! Thanks for the rec!
I've had moments of feeling at odds with the normative traditions in tarot. Similar to you, I'm trained as a literary scholar with a sizable focus in aesthetics. Though I've seen some queering of the Tarot writ large, I've strangely found myself uncomfortable with some of it since it seems to play on pervasive stereotypes. (e.g. The Gay Tarot with its pulp imagery and Tom of Finland slant alienated me as a gay man more than resonated. Indeed, I found it cringeworthy) I think oracle cards, in departing from the rigidity of tarot have pushed the envelope into more encompassing spaces, in general.
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