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ok! have lot of news to share!)
first happy to say my Gamecrafter shop become big hit!^^ lolz got orders all over the US and tnx to request published few more options!^^ numbers only bridge n poker size! all links on my web page
(mini with numbers only wll be added soon!^^) also if you enter lenormand or tarot in search tool you'll get my deck on first page in3of 6 categories! how cool is that?XD

also tnx to ebay even my PS got few orders shipping worldwide!) YeY!^^lolz )
so I may say this publishing part was completed successfully!) YeY!lolz )
bad news PS raised their prices for card significantly!x,x so I was right about announcing prices raise in june!) it will still happen as I plan some changes with to ordering directly from my web page with paypal button, will see how'll that go!x,x will post it here when done!^^)

moved my international orders on MakePlayingCards (same company as PS but no open your shop option!x,x facepalm)

web page get small updates,

discovered another fantastic dark oracle decks!XD
reminds me bit on breath of the night?x,x maybe it's same artist?x,x))

beautiful vintage Tarot deck for free download

signed up for another Tarot project!XD

doing all sort of fan art n things!XD )

and for desert; discovered easy way to get beautiful colored lineart! next improving my coloring skill
would like to hear what you think about my coloring style?x,x as I plan my chibi tarot one day to be colored something like this?x,x idea is cotton candy MLPxLisa FrankxRWS?X,X ))

till next!^^
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