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I heartily recommend this deck. It has amazing, original art and really looks like something out of this world, like a Tarot deck someone one might use in another dimension (as was its intent). If I remember correctly the artist said it was not meant to be derived from any specific Lovecraft stories but the general atmosphere and aesthetic was what inspired it. That's great for me since I admit I haven't read any Lovecraft. Still, at the very least I can recognize C'thulu (sp?) as the Emperor. Maybe the book will reveal specifics about the images.

I have the first edition, kindly given to me by a member that is sadly no longer here, with the problematic backs. I admit that I don't like them but they don't bother me too much. The link becomes a pattern in your eyes after many uses, and the almost complete pentagram is lovely.

Beyond that, the deck shows its creator has real knowledge and understanding of Tarot, blending both RWS as well as Thoth influences very well. Despite how different the images look they are still basically RWS for the most part with a few Thoth touches her and there, like the titles of the cards and the art on some. It also has something the RWS is missing, the astrological attributions. This is very useful to me, having an RWS deck but with all the information on it like in the Thoth.

Good stuff, very good stuff. I eagerly await the book. To be honest I probably won't get it unless I see that it can really benefit me, but maybe it will inspire me to finally read me some Lovecraft. Does Nemo say when it will be published?
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