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Oh wow, thanks Celticnoodle! I would really have to thank all our friends here for their tips on how to purchase moldavite carefully. I'm happy to have snapped a genuine one that I fully resonate with.

I've been working with it for the past three days, twice by its lonesome and twice with my favorite prehnite. The first time I held it, it seemed like nothing really happened, so I took it for what it was. But then it struck.

I always thought there may be other more mundane reasons when people mentioned they get headaches working with it - they may have had a rough night, were stressed at work lately, had brief spikes of hypertension to which they suddenly became sensitive to, etc. But yep - it happened to me. The whole day (heck, the whole week) I was totally in the pink, being my normal active self. For the first few minutes I wore it, it was no big deal. Then it slowly struck, caressing my head at first like a threatening nimbus, before it developed into a full-blown headache. I was somehow expecting something else - something mild like a tingling sensation or a heat flush. Only when I became very dizzy did I remember that it was one of its possible effects too.

The second time I wore it, it was still by its lonesome. I'm stubborn that way. I tried to man up and do the mind-over-matter thing, but after 20 minutes I really had to remove it. On the third time, I wore it with my favorite prehnite. I lasted a bit longer, but before an hour's up, I had to remove it again. I again wore it with prehnite during a Tarot reading yesterday. I was apprehensive that it might fog my mind and impact my session, but since it was pretty quick, I was not affected negatively. I removed my ring as soon as it was over. I have to say though, the reading felt very different in a rather positive way, despite the possibility of pain hovering throughout its entirety. I can't really put my finger on it.

I guess I have to acclimatize myself with it, wear it for a bit longer every succeeding day. This time I'm teaming it up with pietersite - perhaps it would help with the dizzy spells. Geez I sound like a virgjnal Victorian waif. Anyway, I may on the other hand try gold sheen obsidian with it when I'm outside. It is reliably grounding, but it does not cancel the higher chakras as other stones like it is prone to.

I think it's gonna be an interesting week.
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