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The decks are back from the printer!!!

Finally the day has come!
The Wyrd of Sarah Howard has arrived from Make Playing Cards. I ordered 100 decks and a box of 50 are sitting here on my pouffe.
Today I am prettying up draw-string bags which are pale aqua/blue jute, (much like my Bonefire bags) and a perfect fit.
In the end I decided to print the decks on 330gsm superior smooth stock which I am very happy with.
The decks are poker size and very pocketable. There are 59 cards+ a title card, the rest form an intro to The Wyrd of Sarah Howard, with expanded card titles to help with the card meanings and a couple of other images not to be used in the deck to give a total of 72 cards.
56 of the cards correspond to the minor arcana of the tarot and the images are connected to those card meaning, there is a very subtle number and playing card suit inserts on the bottom right of each card.
Clubs correspond to Wands- energy/ will/ force
Spades correspond to Swords- thought/ reason/ conflict
Hearts correspond to Cups- emotion/ care / intuition
Diamonds correspond to Pentacles- material/ finances/ the body.
The remaining 3 are extra cards.

With regards to the print on demand I had intended to offer via The Printers Studio, I have done all the maths and redone it to be sure and despite their better postage costs the price of single decks is still extortionate and I can do much better to send a deck from Aus world-wide.
so that will sadly no longer be an option.

The price of one of Sarah Howard Oracle is $30AUD+postage

To give you an idea At today's exchange rates this is equates to:
$22.37USD+ $12USD postage=$34.37USD
15.23 British Pounds+10.50 postage=25.73pounds
19.90 Euro+13.60 euro postage=33.40euro
$31.34 NZ+ $12.53NZ postage=$43.87NZ
Postage within Australia is $7.45 total $37.45AUD

All invoices will be made via paypal and will be in Australian Dollars.
Postage may be combined for two decks, more than two becomes more expensive.

So if you would like to be one of the 100, The Wyrd of Sarah Howard oracle decks owners, please send pm me your PayPal email address, your preferred name and address and I will invoice you via paypal.

Gosh what a lot of info! If you have already pm'ed with details I will be in touch.
I can't wait to finally get Sarah Howard out and about!

Righteo back to bag-making. I will take some pics.
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