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Originally Posted by samantha View Post
It would keep me out of mischief and be food for thought for sure but would need me to step outside of my comfort zone in a big way - hence the push/pull of the 2 : I desire and fear it at the same time.

9 of cups - Emperor

At the moment she seems satisfied with her lot in life, perhaps this will make her less likely to want to exert (undue) control over someone or something ?

Something possitive about this time in my life ...
FB- Oh good. Maybe she'll realize that this is a family community and not a Step Ford Wives community.

Sun - King of Pentacles

You are the sunshine of a certain man's life but due to a moon clarifier falling card, he may not think you know this. The next card was the three of cups so this tells me he is someone other than your SO.

What positive will come from this break up?
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