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I can't *see* who this might be ...the only person who comes to mind is my grandfather who died not so long ago (moon might explain that ? ) but doesn't explain 3 of cups as not really a family card ? Anyway, a nice message

Originally Posted by GotH View Post
FB- Oh good. Maybe she'll realize that this is a family community and not a Step Ford Wives community.

Sun - King of Pentacles

You are the sunshine of a certain man's life but due to a moon clarifier falling card, he may not think you know this. The next card was the three of cups so this tells me he is someone other than your SO.

What positive will come from this break up?
The Sun - The Lovers

The decision was made from (someone's) highest good , it will allow those involved to scrutinise the relationship/dynamic very carefully ..and gain the clarity/insights that are needed here. Wheel of fortune was base, so everyone will move forward and life will go on

QU: Positives around the next country H and I live in ?
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