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Originally Posted by samantha View Post
I can't *see* who this might be ...the only person who comes to mind is my grandfather who died not so long ago (moon might explain that ? ) but doesn't explain 3 of cups as not really a family card ? Anyway, a nice message

The Sun - The Lovers

The decision was made from (someone's) highest good , it will allow those involved to scrutinise the relationship/dynamic very carefully ..and gain the clarity/insights that are needed here. Wheel of fortune was base, so everyone will move forward and life will go on

QU: Positives around the next country H and I live in ?
5 of Swords - Magician

Looks like you are going to beat someone out in getting a place. The feeling I get here is you getting something you are either accustomed to or will drive a hard bargain in getting something you desire.

Something positive regarding my dog's accommodations while I'm on the road.
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