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LOL ! That explains the cards !!

Originally Posted by GotH View Post
She'll definitely remember what it was like the last time she was there when she harassed another dog. This got her in big trouble which calmed her hide. :O

3 of Cups

This is the time (age) to enjoy all your gold- bring out the fine China, wear your best dresses and celebrate all your accomplishments. You realize that life is to be celebrated and enjoyed because it doesn't get any better than this.

The positives of my day tomorrow?
It's now 1am in the East so I'm pulling this for today the 30th

Ace of cups - 10 of coins

It seems that someone will reach out with a nice warm gesture or action, the ten suggests it is either someone you have a long history with OR someone who is involved with a group/organisation that has a long history and definite structure/hierachy (perhaps you have some ties with this group too and someone within is friendly/treats you kindly)

QU: I need to reign in my spending - so, positives about that (can I do it)
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