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Originally Posted by Freyja of V View Post
Moon - Hierophant

It seems there may be some doubt/concerns/anxieties you have about your current position or career; maybe about a co-worker. You should approach these worries in a traditional manner; maybe speak to someone in HR.

Our investments have been hit hard (like everyone's) - what do the cards have to say regarding my investments?
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I think you need to juggle your investments (this might mean shifting funds from one set of stocks/shares to another - or whatever your money is *housed* in) be flexible and move things around (some buying ? Some selling ? ....sorry, I'm not knowledgeable about such things) also you may need to get a *hand out* from somewhere (bank ? Other financial institution ? Perhaps family, Tho I'm not really feeling family !) to help tide you over or to feed into the juggling that the other man/card is doing !

QU: I've recognised the problem - but what do I do next ?
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