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I like very much this little oracle, quite unconventional with its curious imagery.
Nevertheless it seems a bit difficult to tame it at times, or we need patience or to be in the right energy, I don't know.

Actually in french language we have several books concerning this oracle, but the majority of them are uninteresting and even if one or two are a little bit better it's really difficult to recommand one...
The LWB (which actually is a little red book in 3 languages is short).

On the web I had found something interesting, on a blog, therefore, free access!!
There are some explanations for each of the 52 cards + the blue card, it isn't too long but interesting.
I think there is a copyright with regard to these texts so I can't translate without permission from the blog's author (and it would be as well too long for me, even with an appropriated permission).
However I think that you can easily translate the texts with an online machine translation.

I give you below the links concerning 3 cards (chosen at random), but if you search in the blog you will find the text corresponding to each of the 52 cards.

Card 41: Heritage
Card 0: Blue
Card 4: Nativity
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