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Originally Posted by Tigerangel View Post
My experiences are more with crows as they are all around where I live, I have only physically been around Raven a few times and they have been large and very focal with there caws, and Raven is one of my spirit animal guides, which I actually had a journey mediation with on Wednesday where I got my head pecked alot lol, I haven't had a headache since may it long last lol.

But as you mentioned three generations I can't help but get the feeling that the triple goddess morrigan is trying to get your attention, there is lots of lore about her in her triple aspect ( Maiden, Mother, Crone) and one story I like is the washer at the Ford.

One of Ravens messages is "magic surrounds you right now. Take note of the small miracles that are happening right now. Raven.

Ravens are connected with magic of the old ways, rebirth, recovery, renewal and healing also Raven helps to smoothly transition light into darkness.

As you found feathers in such a strong way to make you notice I really feel that was so you would pay attention and not just shrug it off as just a normal thing, I would really pay attention to your intuition right now especially if you feel you are going through a transitional phase in your life, you truly are blessed by the Raven to find feathers in such a way.

I have 11 crows feathers that I have been gifted by crow from 3 different locations, I've added a pic of my feathers, they are sitting on my alter just now, I will be using some to make a smudge fan but not got around to it yet, I feel very blessed to have received my feathers from Crow.
wow again! Thank you for posting. Both posts have actually meant something to me... As yourself and krs887!

I have gone through a process of change... A transition if you will! As I've mentioned i've recently had a baby...
I guess as my intuition has developed (and still continues to develop) I know that a birth of a baby on so many levels is a life changing experience... And I really do feel like i'm on a new path... it's a total out with the old, in with the new kind of deal... (and yep... motherhood is going to do that to you lol!)

rebirth, recovery, renewal and healing <--- this is so happening now!!!

i'm in the recovery / renewal phase and OH MY GOSH! It's quite funny the things i'm getting into at the moment. Organising mothers groups, attempting to play sport / join a sporting team (i've NEVER been into sport in my life, yet i felt the need to get out and be social and keep fit.... again that's SO not me normally lol)

The healing is yet to come .... but i'm sure it will be about leaving my 'old life' behind.... kinda sad in a way, but also refreshing!

I also thought something was going on when my mum + daughter pointed out the raven's feathers.. i was like hmmm (it was just the sequence of events....) SO thank you for helping me with finding out the deeper meaning lol. (love this forum and people's knowledge + intuition)

raven feathers mystery solved lol!
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