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Originally Posted by Dee Ell View Post
Wow - it funded in 4 hours!

This super limited edition deck will likely sell out very quickly... (perhaps it will save FLiz from having to buy it? 😉 )
I received an email from them this morning, and when I logged in the $30 early bird was already gone! That means 25 people had already beaten me to it. Wanna bet that gregory is one of them?

I backed it, of course, 'cuz what are credit cards for? (Of course I had to back it at the lowest possible level, though, because the "what are credit cards for" philosophy does not leave much room at the top of your credit limit.... )

So that's your answer, Dee Ell. I couldn't resist it. I find it deliciously cheeky, and the backs are a hoot.
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