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Updated regularly - Not in any particular alphabetical or other order
Last updated on Aug 20, 2005
  • Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom - Pollack, Rachel
  • Tarot for Your Self - Greer, Mary
  • Tarot Spells - Renee Janina
  • Tarot, Your Everyday Guide - Renee Janina
  • Tarot for Beginners - Hollander, P. Scott
  • Tarot, Plain and Simple - Louis, Anthony
  • Tarot for Dummies Jayanti, Amber
  • Tarot Made Easy -ebook - Garen, Nancy
  • Living The Tarot - Jayanti, Amber
  • The Crowley Tarot, The Handbook to the Cards - Benzhaf, Akron-Hajo
  • Learning the Tarot - Bunning, Joan
  • Understanding the Tarot Courts - Greer, Mary
  • The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals - Greer, Mary
  • Learning Tarot Reversals - Bunning, Joan
  • Forest of Souls, A Walk Through the Tarot - Pollack, Rachel
  • Tarot Tells the Tale- Ricklef, James
  • Pictures from the Heart, A Tarot Dictionary - Thomson, Sandra
  • Way of the Great Oracle, The Voyager Tarot - Wanless, James
  • Tarot for Self Discovery - Braden, Nina Lee
  • Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads - Michelsen, Teresa
  • Past Life and Karmic Tarot - McCoy Edain, Greer Mary K.
  • A Magical Course in Tarot - Morgan, Michele
  • The Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. IV - Kaplan, Stuart
  • Putting Tarot to Work- McElroy, Mark
  • The Smart Girl's Guide to Tarot- Fredericks, Emmi
  • Tarot in Ten Minutes - Kaser R.T
  • The Complete Tarot Reader - Michelsen, Teresa
  • The Mystical Qabalah - Fortune, Dion
  • Tarot as a Way of Life, A Jungian Approach to the Tarot - Hamaker-Zondag, Karen
  • The 2-Hour Tarot Tutor - Wilma Carrol
  • Art and Arcana - Decker, Ronald
On their way:
  • Tarot for a New Generation - Renee Janina
  • Tarot, Get the Whole Story- Ricklef, James

In addition to most accompanying books to decks that come as sets .
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