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Thought I'd post an updated Tree diagram and link above. The main change is the switching places of the Fool and Magician, i.e. Magician from Chockmah-Chesed to Binah-Geburah, and vice-versa for the Fool. I'm missing one ritual that might clarify exactly which one goes where, so I've been relying on the website linked to above in Post #5; but I've found a couple of their correspondences I know for sure are incorrect, so it's not inconceivable I've found another. Besides this there are clues in the rituals I do have, and in the images, that seem to confirm my suspicions.

First, the Magician in the RWS has a link to Geburah through the black pillar "leg" of the table; and the word DIN was an alternative name for Geburah in the GD. Also, the Waite-Trinick Magician has a connection to Geburah through the pentagram floating above his head. The pentagram was a symbol of Geburah in the GD and Waite clearly identifies it as a symbol of Geburah in the FRC. In the RWS Magician, the "grace, virtue and light" being drawn down are obviously from Binah; this is another clue pointing to the Magician as occupying the path Binah-Geburah.

Great Symbol of the Magician

The pentagram is also seen in the Great Symbol of Death which is the symbol of the path leading to Geburah in the FRC.

Great Symbol of Death

For the Fool there's a reference in the Adeptus Minor initiation. At the beginning there's a list of Robes and Jewels of the Celebrants and Members; one of the items listed for the officer the "Merciful Exempt Adept" [Chesed], is a "Wand surmounted by the figure of the Risen Christ." The Great Symbol of the Fool is a picture of the risen Christ (notice wounds in hands, feet and chest), so it seems appropriate that it would be on the path above Chesed.

Great Symbol of the Fool

Furthermore, in the FRC, the grades Adeptus Minor, Adeptus Major and Adeptus Exemptus have the following correspondences:

Adeptus Minor (Tiphareth): House of Life
Adeptus Major (Geburah): House of Death
Adeptus Exemptus (Chesed): House of Resurrection

following the "Christ-Life Formula" Waite used. This is another clue that supports the Fool as risen Christ on the path Chokmah-Chesed.

Any ideas or feedback let me know.
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