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Originally Posted by Dee Ell View Post
Mwahahahaha 😈😁
And the best part is, I'm not even ordering one! (while I love all of their work and enjoy looking at the cheeky originality of this deck, I don't feel the need to own it)

Originally Posted by Dee Ell View Post
Sorry for enabling you FLiz - like I said before, maybe you should just stay out of this section of AT (and join the TOADIES thread 😉 )

You're right! Love it 😆
You think I haven't TRIED? *long, desperate wail*

Originally Posted by CherryNukaCola View Post
Funnily enough, it's much more modest than in many other decks! ^_^
Well, it's somewhat less naked than usual, true, but it's a lot more coy and with a lot more double entendre...
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