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Haha Is exactly how i feel, It NEVER stops!!! WAAAAA!! (Shame is an emo I have to just shelve for the moment.)
BUT since I want another Marseilles I think this would be fun to enjoy w/ fiends, and my favorite erotic deck yet! That's at least 3 points going for it!
And this I backed bc of their good track record, immense talent, and did NOT want to lose out. LOVE the Star, Aces, QoC and the backs too. This is my very first kickstarter and I hope a low-risk one.
Can't wait to see more of the PIPS tho! Try and stay calm Flizarraga, it looks to be one of the better (best) ones.
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You think I haven't TRIED? *long, desperate wail*

Well, it's somewhat less naked than usual, true, but it's a lot more coy and with a lot more double entendre...
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