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Thank you CharlotteK for your very encouraging post. l only have the yellow box which is meh, and the Universal RWS which seemed promising but the love did not last, even bought the Centennial, l did not find any real connection with them. l have always felt that there was a RWS out there that had something l could relate to. Have looked at most editions on line, nothing attracted me. Reading this thread got me quite enlivened don't no why, but l just feel this could be the one. l think being in German it takes on a more mysterious element, like it did with my Roots of Asia also in German, l had the English version and did not connect. Sounds really silly l know. Like the fact you mention that the lines give it a really old look, that does appeal to me. This is what l want in a RWS a sense of age and depth. If l can look at the images and get drawn in l will love it, that's how l feel about my two favourite tarots. What l found was missing in the other RWS's was exactly that, the depth, they seemed static and cold to me.

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