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Welcome to the difficulties of dealing with texts that are nearly 2,000 years old - well about 1,860 to be more accurate.

This is all we have in this section. Whether it was all he wrote, I'm not sure. Gehrz treats this small section as a subsection of the book, even though it continues on without a break.

I would assume he means places here and these would be whole signs, counting the Ascending Sign as the first. But note, in later books he describes what is clearly the Equal House System, starting with the Ascendant it self. As the work took nearly 20 years to complete (or more precisely was written over a period of 20 years), whether he means Equal Houses at this point is anyone's guess. He doesn't say what system he's using and indeed elsewhere he refers to quadrant houses (Porphyry)

I can't get a clear view of his reasoning, firstly because he doesn't distinguish between diurnal and nocturnal charts and I would have thought that the diurnal planets would be interpreted differently in nocturnal charts and vice versa.

Clearly Sun in the twelfth is a diurnal chart. In Whole Sign Houses, the Sun may be above or below the Horizon in the seventh, and I can see why that might not be fortunate, if it's below. Even with Equal Houses, the Sun in the Seventh is setting and in the fourth its anti-culminating. In Gehrz' translation the second isn't mentioned but if we take it as being included, the second is a succedent house and the Sun will soon enter the Ascendant and the light (especially if Equal Houses are used).

For the Moon and the rest, we can't know whether it's a diurnal or a nocturnal chart. It's possible that this is a fragment, perhaps introducing the next section or presaging issues raised in further books. I don't know.

I have Mark Riley's commentary but on a quick examination he doesn't seem to mention this area. Nor do one or two other commentaries I've seen. I think the last part of the section, where he is mentioning transits to natal planets and where he says they are especially important if the transiting planet happens to be the current time lord (Chronocrator= ruler of time). Here he says you have to check for benefics and malefics witnessing the transiting planet and also the natal position and condition of the planet transited.

Don't forget that Transits don't always produce an outcome. They need top be supported by more powerful forces, such as Time Lords. So unless the Sun happens to be the Time Lord passing through the fourth may not be noticed, unless you have a planet there and even then, only if the time lord in force has activated that house.
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