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With the wind blowing change, and her being so young, like she is on the threshold of becoming a "woman". Her looking so deeply at the pentacle, studying the nature of changes her body is going through, understanding those changes as bringing the end of her childhood. So I would think this is a prepubescent girl, just discoving the growing buds of her breasts, hair sprouting in places it never grew before, etc. That is probably why her cloak is red, to symbolize her first rites of womanhood, the symbolism sort of resemble the helix, and unbroken continuation of one generation to another. So the squares of her green tunic, could be the foundation of growth neccessary to reach this state.

I can't quite remember the meaning of the symbol, the double spiral, it's similar to the inner/outer world and sort of makes me think of the Magician. All things coming from the source and creating the source... can't quite find the words for this. Creation and re-creation in a way.

Even the sky is a delination, the end of the day, not simply fading into colors but a sharp distinctive change and the coming of the storm.
Puberty definately would fit into that catagory, a hormonal storm of confusion and changes.

So while I think that this is something she has studied and expects, she's not quite sure what she really thinks or feels about any of it... sort of an "oh my?" of wonderment.
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