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Originally Posted by AnemoneRosie View Post
I'm currently following along, and don't think that I have much to add (yet).

However, I like that the MK recognizes non-binary folks It's why I use this deck to read for myself.
I use Ciro's to read for others where I might not want to get into queer theory.

I also see Marriage as being a way of joining, such as bringing a new pet home, for example.
I agree that it could mean those things, too. Anyone or anything that you could make a commitment to.

Originally Posted by Sar View Post
I am fascinated by card #21, Living room.
I'm intrigued by that card, too. Of course it could be the answer to where something will happen or did happen, but it would also derive its meaning by the surrounding cards influencing it so that its meaning would change to something different.

The Fin de Seicle calls this card "Family Room" rather than living room, but I think the meaning would be pretty much the same as living room. The meaning is any personal space where you can go to be private, including motel rooms. It's somewhere that you can be with family and close friends in private, without intrusion by others who aren't so close to you.
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