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Ok so review from the last day

To analyze a chart.
1. Find Sect Leader
2. Which sign is Sect Leader in?
3. Who are the (in order) triplicity lords for that sign?
4. Analyze (in order): day/night triplicity lord for day/night birth respectively, (first in the Triplicity Lord sequence, so Sun for a Fire sign) , the assistant lord (3d in triplicity lord sequence, so Saturn for a fire sign),


(a) angularity - angular, succedent, cadent (remember, Whole Sign Houses!),
(b) rising or setting (how to interpret this?),
(c) aspects to benefics or malefics

Now, how to use these to predict

Rule 1: Examine the Sect Lord and his primary triplicity lord in terms of angularity. If angular, predict an illustrious nativity. If succedent, predict a nativity of moderate fortune. If cadent, predict an unfortunate nativity. (will add aspects later, because Valens mentions them but doesn't use them in this first 'rule of judgment'. They are folded in a few paragraphs down the line, and I'll revisit these initial 'judgments' when I get there.)

so my horoscope, Valens style[1]. Since we are using Whole Sign Houses, it is sufficient to list the Ascendant, MC, and *signs* of planets.

Day chart, Gemini Rising, ASC 24 Gemini, MC at 24 Pisces (10th), Sun,Mercury,Jupiter in Sagittarius (7th), Moon in Libra (5th), Mars in Pisces (10th), Venus in Capricorn (8th), Saturn in Taurus (12th).

Done. I have to say, much easier than listing the factors in a Placidus etc chart.

So first look at the Sun. In Sagittarius (Triplicity Lords are Sun(day), Jupiter (night), Saturn ('helper).

The Sun itself is Angular. In its own sign by triplicity. Since the Sun is the day triplicity ruler , this effect is doubled.

Now to examine the 'helper' triplicity Lord

Saturn is in the 12th (Taurus), so cadent. Not in its own sign (by triplicity)

So by the position of the Sun (Sect Lord and also primary Triplicity Lord) I should have an "illustrious nativity" and by the position of the tertiary ('helper') Triplicity Lord, I should have a "base and unfortunate nativity."

Valens says

"If the preceding house ruler is favorably situated and the succeeding one
unfavorably, the native will fulfill his promise well at first, but afterwards will be brought low, starting at the time of the rising of the sign in which the
succeeding house ruler is unfavorably situated. (We will clarify in more detail
the determination of the chronocrator at the appropriate time.)"

So Valens predicts that the early part of my life will be full of promise, but then will decline. To see when this switch of pattern happens in my life, I have to see when Taurus 'rises' in the Chronocator scheme.


[A]How can a planet be classified into 'rising' or 'setting' in the Valens scheme, unless they are near the Eastern/Western horizons at moment for which the chart is made? Valens asks us to see if a planet is rising or setting. Most or all planets could be neither rising nor setting?

[B] In the rule above Valens examines the first and third triplicity lords. In the following paragraphs he seems to reccomend examining all 3

e.g: "If the Sun is found in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn (for day births), it will be
necessary to investigate first how Venus is configured, second the Moon, and
third Mars, and to see what stars they have in aspect. In the same way."

How to reconcile this?

[1] I am using my horoscope, not because I think it is a great or illustrative one, but because I can confirm or deny any events predicted by this system.
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