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A summary of Valens's treatment of the 9th, 10th, 11th houses

The 11th place - of the Good Daimon.

The general principle seems to be that this is overall a great sign. Benefics in the sign provide great benefits. Even malefics cannot do evil if they are "in conjunction with the Good Daimon".

Hmm does this mean that malefics can't do evil if they are in the 11th sign from ascendant? Or is 'the Good Daimon' a *point* (vs a whole sign) like the Lot of Fortune?

The ruler of the 11th rising, or having many planets aspecting it brings great benefits.

The tenth place - Midheaven

All planets, (both malefics and benefics) "rejoice" (??) if they are in the 10th place. especially the rulers of the Lot of Fortune, ascendant, or Daimon (which I assume, is the Lot of Spirit. This hasn't been introduced properly in the book yet).

"If any of the [benefics] are in it when rising, or if they have contact with the Moon, tyrants and kings are born, governors of districts, men known by name in many places."

Question: the 'they' in 'if they have contact' is a bit confusing.Who has contact with the Moon? The benefics? What does that have to do with the tenth specifically?

The state of the ruler of the 10th is critical. If situated favorably, makes vigorous and successful men. If situated unfavorably, (Valens mentions the ruler setting, or a malefic in conjunction or opposing the 10th) it makes failures as well as sterile or childless men

Ninth Place of the God Sun

If benefics are placed here, and rule the ascendant or Lot of Fortune, then tha native will be religious ("blessed, reverent, or a prophet of the great God") or a religious leader ("will be obeyed like a God")

If benefics aren't there but Mercury is then he'll be a soothsayer (I guess we can generlize to 'interested in the occult and religion)

If malefics are present in this place and rule the ascendant or Lot of Fortune, or if they are in aspect "from the right" [1] the native will be evil/cruel ("sack cities and pillage mercilessly" )

If the Lot of Fortune or Daimon (== Lot of Spirit) happens to be in this place (9th) the native will be involved in many evils and take refuge in temples because of his desires or pains (!!)

[1] The right left thing is a little tricky. I read "from the right" as " to the left" .

I quote Minderwiz's response to an eariler question of mine when I was confused by this problem in Morin

"A preliminary point I can deal with is sinister (left) and dexter (right) aspects. In Hellenistic Astrology, which is the earliest Horoscopic Astrology it was clearly the case that an aspect cast in the direction of signs was stronger than one cast against the direction of signs. Imagine Venus in the tenth in Taurus casting an aspect to Jupiter in Virgo in the second. This aspect goes forward in the direction of signs and, as you look at the chart, that aspect is cast to the left of Venus.

Jupiter also casts a trine to Venus, but as Venus lies to the right of Jupiter, it's not as strong an sspect. So Venus is the stronger planet, ignoring essential dignity (and even stronger if you include it).

This view held right up to the time of Sahl and Masha'allah, both of whom would have said the same. Yet less than 200 years later All Biruni, in virtually a word for word. repetition of Dahl's example reaches the opposite conclusion but without explanation of the change round.

From then on Astrologers followed Al Biruni, as does Morin in these quotes. Personally, I think that at some point betweennSahl and Al Biruni, there was a miscopying (remember manuscripts were just that, hand written, and had to be copied by hand for duplication).
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