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Valens on Places 6 7 8 (summary)

Place 8 'of Death'
1. Benefics in the 8th are ineffetual and weak and do not provide their usual benefits
2. If benefics in the 8th rule either the ascendant or lot of fortune they are even more ineffectual.
3. If malefics are in the eighth and rule the lot, the native is a vagrant.
4. If Lot of Fortune falls in this place and malefics are conjunct, the native will be poor and unable (even) to clothe himself
5. If malefics (fall in the 8th and) rule the ascendant, he'll be abject his whole life
6. If Mercury is alone in this house and ruler of Lot of Spirit, the native will be handicapped in speech or illiteratet. (hmm does this extend to other planets and their universal significations?)
The waxing Moon seems to rejoice in this place (!)

Place 7 'of the Descendant'

1. Benefics in this place and ruling the Ascendant or Lot of Fortune indicate good tihngs for the native.
If Mercury alone is in this place, and in his own face, the native will make gains is his old age and be trusted with the affairs of kings (!)
2. If malefics are in this place and their own faces and rule the lot or ascendant,, the native will face ups and downs especially in old age, but will not bein poverty.
If Malefics (in the place) rule the Lot but are not in their own face or sect, the native will have a wretched old age.

Place 6 'of Mars'
Benefics in this place == the native loses whatever he possesses
Sun here + ruling Lot or Ascendant causes the native to be condemned by authorities (!)
and so on for all planets. All have negative results under these circumstances.
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