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Originally Posted by RohanMenon View Post
I get the dynamic of using extreme examples.

I talked to a Vedic astrologer and apparently it works the same way there . Planet X in House Y with factor Z => the native will be trampled by elephants, bitten by jackals and haunted by demons etc etc

Apparently (in Vedic) these are things at the extreme end of the probability spectrum and written down as such so that they are easy for the student to memorize (Vedic is strong on memorizing) and then in practice they take the **essence** (here something like "trouble and turmoil" and apply it the context of the querent, and tone it down depending on other factors, like the aspects of benefics, which are there in most charts.

Apparently very very occasionally, they actually do run into charts where these extremes manifest and that chart is remembered for decades afterwards!
As it's argued that the use of charts in Vedic Astrology comes from Hellenistic influences, I wonder if that approach is also a Hellenistic import?

Vedic Astrologers usually deny the influence or downplay it but there's considerable evidence that the use of charts and much of their interpretation came from that source.
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