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Originally Posted by RohanMenon View Post
Places 4, 5, (Summary)

Place 4 - Lower Midheaven.
1. If benefics in this place rule the ascendant or Lot, the native will make his living from temples (!! where did temples come from? I thought they were a 9th house matter)
2. If benefics are assigned the Archetypal Lot (yeow! what's this!) and are house rulers at Lower Midheaven (?? does this mean a planet ruling the Archetypal Lot and also located in the 4th? or that the archetypal lot (whatever that is) falls in the 4th?) the native will be given revelations by the Gods and ghostly shapes (!! in modern lingo, this seems to be a pattern for psychic powers?)

2. Mars here and ruling Lot or Ascendant indicates troubled life and/or a self inflicted death.
3. Since this place refers to a good reputation after death and bequests heirs, malefics here negate both.
I take archetypal Lot to mean the Lot of Fortune - that's the fundamental basic Lot, and a principle from which all other Lots are derived. The only other Lot I can think of that might (and I mean might just) fit is the Lot of Basis. This takes the shortest distance between the Lots of Fortune and Spirit and projects it from the Ascendant. It always falls below the horizon, rather like a foundation. It's just possible that this is what is meant.

There are places like this, where either Valens wasn't explicitly clear what he means or the translation is not quite what he meant, or even both. I'm not a Greek scholar, so I have to go with the best I can manage.

Treat this as the Lot of Fortune (possibly with the Lot of Basis as a back up).


Seems I was right first time with the Lot of Fortune. I've just done some research and found a word by Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum, called

The Daimon in Hellenistic Astrology: Origins and Influence

She is a recognised authority, doing the translation of Paulus of Alexandria and working with Rob Hand.

I quote from the book:

'The Lot of Fortune is called the archetypal Lot in Valens....while the Lot of Spirit is called the second Lot.'
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