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Nied, prnounced by me: 'Nee-ęd'

Also called 'Nauthiz', and if so, pronounced by me: 'Now- theez'.

Usually it is seen as representing Need and Wants. Often it is seen as representing a hard time of need, where the main lesson to learn is what your main needs and desires are, and, of course, how to cultivate patience to be able to deal with it. This is often a very challenging Rune, and not the most pleasant of Runes to come up in a throw.Some have interpreted as representing Constraint, and a time of severe constraint in which the lesson to be learned is how to deal with our self-limitations and how to use such limitations or weaknesses to better ourselves. It is sometimes said that the role of the hard times (Constranit) is to identify our 'shadow' areas, as such shadow areas are where our growth is stunted, and these areas are also where we find things to project onto others... It is important to learn from this Rune, as Rlaph Blum says:

"When at last you can look upon Nauthiz with a smile, you will recognise the troubles, denials, and setbacks in life as your guides, teachers, and developers."

When this Rune shows up in a reading, it could represent setbacks in your plans, and you should think twice about what you have planned: There may be good reason for setbacks! Also, when this Rune shows up, it can be telling you that when these setbacks ocur, you should use the extra time wisely on other things: Just as when a fisherman cannot go to sea, he repairs his nets.

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