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Isa, pronounced by me, 'Ee-saw'

This Rune has been said to be a pictorial representation of an icicle... This is one of the simplest Runes, in my opinion. It quite simply means Standstill, Stagnation, Freezing... Just as ice freezes over the pond, and winter sets in, causing the water to cease to flow, and teh animals to hibernate, plans are put on hold, and ideas and emotions stagnate... Maybe people will 'give you the cold shoulder', or maybe your relationship is feeling boring, going nowhere... Maybe you feel Ice-olated (he he...) from your emotions and others?

The soil has frozen over, and as such, nothing grows from it... But, when the Winter is over, the ice melts, and from the once-dormant soil blooms a solitary snowdrop...

Behind the standstill and ice of a frozen time, there is always the seed of rebirth waiting to come out. (Which leads beautifully onto our next Rune! )

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