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2nd and 3d places

Places 2 and 3

The 3d Place 'of the Goddess Moon'
1. If the Moon is in the 3d, rules the ascendant or Lot, and is in its own face, the native will have many good things.
2. If the Sun is in this place, with the Moon past new, the native will be apriest/priestess of the Great Goddess.
3. If the Jupiter is with the Moon (in the 3d) the native will be fortunate etc
4. Saturn and Mars in the 3d with the Moon bring bad things (details elided!)
5.If Mercury is in the 3d with the Moon, and rules (who rules? The Moon or Mercury? the sentence as written could mean either) the Lot or the ascendant, the native will foretel everyone's future.

takeaway: Planet X in its joy, and ruling the Lot of Fortune or Ascendant is a pattern with powerful effects, especially when conjunct other planets in that place. Watch for this pattern.

There is a list of illeffects, one for each planet.

Hmm I wasn't aware that the *second* was such a bad house. This reads as bad as the 6th or eighth!
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