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Is Valens's 'from the left' the same as

"in the direction of the signs"?

I understand that he considers the planet casting the aspect in the direction of the signs to be the one dominating the aspect.

The left/right terminology is a little confusing though. Which of left/right corresponds to 'in the direction of the signs' (in Valens)?

example sentence: If Mars is in opposition to the Sun, with Jupiter and Saturn trine with the Sun ***from the right**, the native will lead the masses magnificently and with high rank.

Is "from the right" here the same as 'against the signs'?

So say,Mars in Aries, Sun in Libra. Which of (Jupiter+ Saturn in Aquarius), or (Jupiter + Saturn in Gemini), does he mean when he uses 'from the right' here?

Given the square charts he uses, figuring out left/right is a little confusing. If I could substitute left/right with 'along/contra the signs' it would be much easier to understand the sentence above, and I can think about this independent of the chart type.

Also Valens uses both "from the right" and "to the right". Again would be much easier to reduce all these combinations to "in the order of signs" and "against the order of signs".

Hence the question

Thanks in advance,

EDIT: I think I figured this out

(cast an aspect)To the left == from the right == forward in the direction of signs
(cast an aspect) To the right == from the left == backward against the direction of signs.

So Valens's "Jupiter and Saturn trine with the Sun from the right" is the same as ""Jupiter and Saturn trine with the Sun to the left" is the same as "Jupiter and Saturn cast a trine aspect to the Sun *in the order of signs*. So in the example above, with Sun in Libra, Jupiter and Saturn are in Gemini.

Is this correct Minderwiz?
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