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While I wait for Minderwiz to confirm

my intepretation of 'to the left' etc (see last post) here are my notes on the next section in Valens

Valens now looks at the effects of planets in trine, opposition, and sextile. Here there is a long list of combinations. If Mars opposes Saturn, then the natives will display such and such traits etc. I can't really see an underlying logic other than the general malefic/benefic associations, so the only way to internalize this material seems to be memorize it. Which I'm not very keen to do.

I think, once I start examining a native chart in detail, I'll work sequentially through all these combinations and see if any match. Over time, this should lead to some inernalization.

The next section is about more combinations signifying 'royal and exalted nativities'. Skimmed.

In the next section, Valens puts forth an interesting idea. Take the sign in which the Lot of Fortune is *as the first house*. Then interpret the chart as usual. However he doesn't tell you what to do when the normal analysis of the chart contradicts this 'LoF sign as first house' analysis.

e.g: In my chart, (Gemini Rising) I have Mercury conjunct Jupiter in the seventh house (Sagittarius). Despite Mercury's detriment, this seems an auspicious configuration. I have the Lot of Fortune in the 11th House (Aries) with Mars(Lot of Fortune's domicile Lord) in Pisces, the 10th. So Lord of the Lot is in the angular 10th. This is good as per Valens.

Now if I were to consider the sign with Lot of Fortune as the first, I'll have Aries as the first place, and Mars the lord of the new 'first place' in the (new) 12 place, which would seem very inauspicious. Thus taking the LoF's place as the first place seems to give a completely different reading than the 'normal' reading.

How to reconcile such different readings when starting from the 'normal' first place vs the PoF first place seems a mystery.

also, a friend of mine who was born 3 days after me also has LoF in Aries, and a mostly similiar chart *when reading from PoF occuping the first place perspective*. He has a very different ascendant from mine and our lives are very dissimilar, in spite of having most planets in the same signs. Reading with LoF occupying the first place would seem to give people born hours apart (me and my friend in this example) the "same" chart. I'm not sure how useful this is.

So, in the end, I am not sure how to *use* this principle from Valens.
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