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Originally Posted by RohanMenon View Post
Now if I were to consider the sign with Lot of Fortune as the first, I'll have Aries as the first place, and Mars the lord of the new 'first place' in the (new) 12 place, which would seem very inauspicious. Thus taking the LoF's place as the first place seems to give a completely different reading than the 'normal' reading.

How to reconcile such different readings when starting from the 'normal' first place vs the PoF first place seems a mystery.

also, a friend of mine who was born 3 days after me also has LoF in Aries, and a mostly similiar chart *when reading from PoF occuping the first place perspective*. He has a very different ascendant from mine and our lives are very dissimilar, in spite of having most planets in the same signs. Reading with LoF occupying the first place would seem to give people born hours apart (me and my friend in this example) the "same" chart. I'm not sure how useful this is.

So, in the end, I am not sure how to *use* this principle from Valens.
You are assuming that the places have the same meanings, which isn't quite the case. The circle that starts with the Lot, tells you about how Fortune affects the various areas of your life. The First, is the house of the Lot itself and that tells you about your own Fortune, relating to body, mind and spirit - your health and your overall capacity to do well, through what fortune gives you. That is no different than how you would read the Lot in your natal chart

The second place from the Lot gives you some information about how Fortune affects your material possessions and your skills. That doesn't contradict what the second place tells you about your material possessions and income in your natal chart, it simply gives you an indication about the amount of 'luck' that goes into accumulating possessions.

The third place tells you something about how fortune affects your brethren (including cousins, neighbours, etc.) The fourth tells you about how Fortune affects your parents and indeed your family as a whole. You can continue around the circle to the twelfth - how Fortune affects, sorrow, losss, enemies, hostile travel, etc.

Remember, Fortune is only one 'half' of the picture. The forces beyond your control that shape your life. Your ability to affect those forces (Spirit or Daimon), also plays a part, as it does for your bretheren, family, children, spouse, etc. That's why it's good to have the Lot of Spirit angular to the Lot of Fortune, or at least favourably placed.

Some people can prosper despite adverse Fortune. Usually that requires hard work and effort, but not always. What might seem a trivial decision to act in a particular way, might well offset bad Fortune, which would befall a person if the action was not carried out. And, of course, Fortune is in the hands of the gods, through the Fates (Moirai and therefore, at least, partly unknowable.
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