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Originally Posted by RohanMenon View Post
Minderwiz this is *the* most mindblowing thing I ever read on astrology in years.
The resulting the chart based on the Lot as first house. is sometimes referred to as the Circle of Athla and the word Athla is the origin of the word Athlete, so it has overtones of competition and struggle, but interestingly, a related Greek word is Athlon, which means a prize.

Technically you could create such a chart using any lot as the first house but I've not seen it done, other than me having a go in a horary sometime ago (years I think). So you could do it from one of the Lots of Marriage, or The Lot of Nemesis, but I don't really see a great deal of use for such charts in regular Astrology. No doubt they could be used for specific consultations though.

It's interesting that some Modern Astrologers seem to think that using some other point as the base of a chart, rather than the Ascendant, is a revolutionary idea. Little do they know LOL.

Originally Posted by RohanMenon
Ahh (lightbulb moment) so this is why Valens (later in Vol 2) considers the 11th from the Lot of Fortune "the place of accomplishment and the bestower of prosperity". By the logic above, this would be where Fortune affects your friends, allies, help received etc - all 11th house significations.
Exactly so. And of course the eleventh place in a chart has overtones of Jupiter (the eleventh Place is the Joy of Jupiter) and it's the Place of the Good Daimon.

Originally Posted by RohanMenon
Aha! In my case (Rising sign Gemini) Lot of Fortune is in Aries (natal 11th) and Lot of Spirit in Leo (Natal 3d). So they are inconjunct each other,not angular,. In the direction of signs, Spirit is in the 5th from Fortune, which would have the semantics of "succedent' I imagine.
Well Aries and Leo are not inconjunct signs - they are in a trine relationship. But you are right, Spirit would be in the fifth Place from Fortune.

So overall interpretation would be something like 'your ability to affect fortune is at most medium, (succedent) but mostly non existent (inconjunct).'[/quote]

It's not as bad as that. There is a trine to the right from Spirit to the Lot. Yes it could be better (angular or trine to the left, or even the sextile to the left) But it could be worse, such as a third house relationship. And then it could be inconjunct. Being in the sixth or twelfth relative to Fortune would not be good at all.

Originally Posted by RohanMenon
I assume the above logic holds for other lots also. The First Place relative to the Lot of Spirit would show how much your own efforts would affect 'body, mind and spirit - your overall ability to do well' etc.

Thus with my Lot Of Spirit in Leo and with the Sun is Sagittarius, (so trining the Lot of Spirit), this would indicate that my progress depends highly on my own efforts. Something like that.

So each lot then adds a lens through which to view the natal chart and add a perspective to the basic reading. Wow!
As I said above it could be done but I've not seen it done as a serious exercise on a regular basis. But certainly having Daimon in a trine to the Sun is a very good relationship. Both have signification for honours, success in society and career. Both are also signification for Action.

Originally Posted by RohanMenon
I suspect this concept would roughly line up with the Indian/Vedic karma, modulo the reincarnation etc bits. Very interesting
There's no real concept of reincarnations in the Hellenistic approaches, despite Plato's Myth of Er You have your life and you make the most of it based on what the Moirai allot to you (the concept of a lot, again). This isf Fate - Oedipus was fated to kill his father and marry his mother. But it's not really fate in the modern view of the word as purely deterministic. To a greater or lesser degree you might be able to modify the events, even if you can't ultimately avoid them. What we call Free Will, is a power to modify or influence, it's not a power to created major change. You might believe that anyone can become President of the USA, and log cabin to White House is there for all. But if you look, the number of such successes are small. Most come from the ranks of the rich (including Donald Trump) or the ranks of successful Generals (presumably the General Will LOL).
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