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Originally Posted by baconwaffles View Post
Has anyone heard any updates on this? This is my first time backing a kickstarter...

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Like it has been already pointed out, Uusi is not one of those flash-in-the-pan Kickstarter startups that later disappear before delivering. (Or that drag forever, like in the case of Orson Welles' last film, alas!) They are established and solid, and the Eros is their third Tarot deck and, I think, also their third Kickstarter --I could be wrong.

The Pagan campaign has had some issues with delivering decks and perks on time to backers -- I know that for a fact, since I was one of the "lucky" ones -- but that's really a first for Uusi. I do think AnjouTwo has a point in that they probably weren't prepared for the massive response they got. Their previous Tarot campaign was simpler --a less ambitious deck, less perks -- and as far as I know went on without a hitch.
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