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December 8 - December 14th 2016

4 cards
Key - Knot -Fox - Handshake
Key - Successful outcome to your problems
Knot - unsuccessful plans
Fox- sitter will be inspired by the resourcefulness and shrewdness of the Fox during time period indicated.
Handshake- A meeting with a stranger could be important. During given time you will meet this stranger.

Well I did have plans with with a few people that didn't work out. So that may be indicated by Key+Knot, but that maybe it will be successful for this 7 day span because of some resourcefulness that allows to meet a stranger (or resourcefulness of someone else that is not me *stranger*)

We shall see!

Note: Handshake pulled two cards to describe stranger Leg & WindChimes. Won't translate this part until after December 14th.
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