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December 8 - December 14th

Whew! To address the shuffling issue, I have to "shuffle" much differently because it's like impossible. Everything just goes flying all over the place.

What I do now is short of re-arrange a few chunks of the cards. And then I just close my eyes and "feel out" a card that feels the most right to pull out, if that makes any sense

Okay to the reading!

Wall - Archway - Wreath - and V

Wall - Misunderstanding
Archway - New opportunities, possibilities, and paths open up.
Wreath - Sorrow over a loss
V - Victory in some endeavor.

I already know what the Wall might mean. I've forgotten to pay my phone today. And whenever I forget to pay my phone, it sends an automatic text message to anyone that tries to contact me that says, "This message has been blocked." And everyone seems to think I block them purposely when this happens .

So definitely some impending angry texts from a friend and maybe even a love interest due to a misunderstanding.

The other ones, I have no idea, but I am a little worried about that wreath one. We'll see...
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