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Originally Posted by CosmicBeing View Post
They are for sure my favorite because it's one meaning for a card. The other deck I use to use a lot was Chakra zodiac by Cinnamon crow I believer her name is. Anyway..very accurate and upfront. But there were four meanings on each card so you could always choose the wrong meaning and then when you look back you are like oh it's that meaning.

It prevents me from BSing myself lol.
Aah, I see. This one's my first oracle because - well - it's the only one that ever truly grabbed my attention. AT member Grizabella introduced it to me when I was looking for ways to enhance my tarot reading experience. But it was going of print at the time and marketplace sellers priced it at almost $300!

So you can imagine how happy I was when i heard it was reprinting.
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