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Daily Draw

I decided to do a draw for today:

Dog (protection from a powerful friend), Key (successful outcome to my problems), and Older Man

As it turns out, I ordered food through a company called Grubhub. The food was delivered and severely undercooked! I called the actual place, and they suggested that I return the food to them so that it can be cooked properly. Um no, I'd like my money back. Thanks. "Oh no," they said. "You have to call Grubhub for that."

And that's just what I did. Swooping in like a hero, Grubhub contacted me telling me that they apologize for the undercooked meal, and that they're working to get my money back through management. This is definitely the representation of dog - protection from a powerful friend.

And key - a successful outcome to my problems.

I've yet to see who Older Man could be, but the night is still young
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