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Originally Posted by CosmicBeing View Post
It looked to be very accurate so far. I wouldn't be shocked if the Older man is the Management.
Turns out Older Man was my dad. He gifted me a guitar lesson DVD because I had recently bought an acoustic guitar on whim. Sweet gesture!

As for the month reading, I feel won't be able to do it justice because I'm noticing that the bigger the time frame, the more difficult it is for me to pinpoint what event the cards are referring to. I think I'll do some dailies. But I'd love to help you figure out what the cards mean if you decide to do a monthly.

My daily pull:

Turkey - (Someone's Behaving Stupidly), Seahorse - (Family Matters) - Bowl (Plenty o' Material Things)

Might be me acting stupidly. Who knows. I can be a total turkey sometimes And it's a Sunday, I'll be spending time with my parents today as per usual. The Bowl seems pretty cool. I wonder what this might be. I'll let you know by the end of the day.

Note: As for my weekly reading that I posted earlier, I got the "misunderstanding" card. I think I know what it's referring to. I pulled a card today to double check if my assessment of the card is correct. I got "Fire - Passionate Love or Hate". Hepburn goes on to explain that this is an emotion that is "all-consuming." Well, I went on a date last Friday with a man that developed feelings for me much too quickly, misinterpreted my interest, and leaned in for a kiss that I had to reject.

Bleugh. He was just too overpowering and most definitely overestimated my interest in him.
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