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Valen's First Example of a Horoscope Analysis.

Horoscope # 1
Ascendant in Libra
Sun in Scorpio
Moon in Cancer
Saturn in Aquarius
Juiter in Sagittarius
Mars in Scorpio
Venus in Libra
Mercury in Scorpio
Nocturnal Birth

Step 1: Note the sect lord: Since night birth, sect leader == Moon.
Step 2: Note triplicity leaders of the sect lord: Moon in Cancer. Water Sign. So triplicity leaders in order: Mars, Venus, Moon.
Step 3: Evaluate first triplicity lord: Mars in Scorpio - so in its own sect (night sect), domicile (Scorpio), triplicity (water). So very well situated (though, I note, in the 2nd, so inconjunct Ascendant)
Step 4: Evaluate 2nd triplicity lord): Venus in Libra, in the ascendant
Step 5. Evalaute Moon (the 3d triplicity lord). In Cancer.

So all 3 triplicity lords are well situated and so this is a distinguished nativity.

Step 6 . Locate the Lot of Fortune. Since Ascendant is Libra, Sun is in Scorpio , Moon is in Cancer, and this is a night birth,

LoF = ASC + Sun - Moon = Asc + (Scorpio - Cancer) = Asc + 4 = Libra + 4=

Lot of Fortune is in Aquarius, with Saturn there. (LoF is in the 5th, so a succedent house)

Step 7. Evaluate the Lord of The Lot of Fortune

Saturn is in Aquarius - domicile lord, in its own triplicity (since Air sign => trip lords are Saturn(day) Mercury (night), and Jupiter(supporting)) , and in the fifth house of Good Spirit (not as good as being angular, but ok)
(also Saturn is out of sect, and the out of sect malefic, but Valens seems to ignore that here)

Step 8: Look at the 11th place from LoF. This is Sagittarius, with Jupiter in it.

_Step 9: Look at the exaltation of the nativity. Moon is in Cancer, and from there to the beginning of Taurus is 11 signs. The 11th sign from the Ascendant in Libra is Leo in the 11th place of the Good Daimon. The Sun is the ruler of this place and in Scorpio the MC *with respect to the Lot of Fortune*

This is the end of Valens's analysis of the chart.

I note that he didn't look at the Lot of Spirit. So let us do that This would be Libra - 4 = Gemini. This is trine the Lord of Fortune, with Mercury in Scorpio, the tenth from the Lord of Fortune. This is yet another indicator of eminenence.

Extracting an algorithm from the process Valens follows in the above analysis (and some earlier suggestions from previous sections of Vol 2) we get

1. Which of Sun/Moon is the sect leader?
2. What are the triplicity lords of the Sect Leader?
3. Analyze each triplicity lord with respect to angularity, own trigon or not, domicile, exaltation (?), rising or secting, in/out of sect, aspects from benefics or malefics (actually this can be done for all planets?)
5. Evaluate tenor of earlier and latter half of life using the above. The 'state' of the first triplicity lord (diurnal lord or nocturnal lord as the case maybe) shows the state of the first half of life, and the state of the second triplicity lord shows the state of the second half of life. The third/'helper' triplicity lord is a lifelong background influence.
6. Calculate Lots of Fortune, Spirit, Exaltation.
7. Analyze each via place, and situation of Lord, and angular relationship to ASC, and again with respect to Fortune
8. Evaluate 11th place from Lot of Fortune, wrt count from 1st, Lord, aspects received

[EDIT] 9: Specifically note Full Moon and New Moon births, these bring Lots of Fortune and Spirit together in the same (angular) house. These are powerful nativities (other things being equal)

This will need to be expanded to take into account planetary combinations etc but should serve for a 'first cut' 'eminince evaluation' of a chart
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