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Originally Posted by CosmicBeing View Post
To answer your questions. If you mean the deck overall...I do think there are many cards that have very similar meanings. But maybe that what makes the deck more accurate. If you are asking about your own personal pull this week. I haven't see it yet.

I don't have my book with me just going off of your meaning.

I think that you are highly thought of in a very positive manner allowing prosperity & happiness to happen.

Maybe the bread card is something literal. Maybe you'll eat something today that you think taste amazing especially the bread. A sandwich, garlic bread, french toast, pizza dough (pizza slice.)
Just asking in general. None of my readings have been repetitive but, for instance, there are few cards that refer travel, a "good time" or an event, and tons of money cards.

BTW you were spot on with the bread ! I had ordered a chicken Parmesan from a pizza place which, of course, came with a side of bread. Yum!
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