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Valens' Charts

Valens is, like a good teacher, only interested in illustrating the methods that he has talked about in the book/section. Admittedly here, he expects his readers to do one step by themselves, and that is to project the Sun/Moon distance from the Ascendant in the opposite direction to Fortune, in order to secure the Lot of Spirit (Daimon).

So you won't get any issues relating to the other planets, merely the Sect, Trigon Lords and Fortune plus the places and domiciles they fall in. All three Trigon lords are in their own Domiciles, Venus lies in the Ascendant, the Moon in the Place of Action (Culminating Place) and only Mars is poorly placed in the second.

Fortune lies in the fifth (which is the Place of Good Fortune) and is conjunct its ruler Saturn. Jupiter is in the eleventh place from Fortune - things couldn't get all that much better.

Incidently, watch out for Valens' own chart, which he uses 21 times throughout the Anthology.

Ascendant in Virgo
Mars in Virgo
Jupiter in Libra
Moon in Scorpio
Fortune in Capricorn
Venus in Capricorn
Spirit in Taurus
Saturn in Cancer

The best estimate for this is 8th February, 120 CE around 7pm and probably Antioch in present day Turkey.

I had to juggle a little, to get things to fit - using the date and place, I got 7:35 pm before everything was in the same place. However, it's not clear where Valens was actually born. Although described as being of Antioch, what is now Antikaya actually lies a short distance from the ruins of the old city and what the hinterland of the old city was, I don't know. Valens could have been born several miles away and still been a citizen.
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