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Valens Horoscope # 2

Horoscope #2
ASC Cancer (day birth)
Sun, Mercury in Taurus (11th)
Moon in Aries (10th)
Venus, Mars, Saturn (Cancer,1st) -- corrected originally said 2nd
Jupiter (Capricorn, 7th) -- -corrected, originally said 8th
Lot of Fortune *and Lot of Exaltation* in Gemini (12th)
(so Lot of Spirit should be in Leo - (2nd))

Before getting into the analysis, proper, what instantly "catches the eye" so to speak is that the Lot of Fortune is in the 12th. Valens made rather dire predictions for such a combination

From Book 2 Section 5.

"If the Lot of Fortune is present in this Place (the 12th) and some [star] rules it, there will be no help, not even during transits. They have become enemies from the beginning, from the moment of birth. In the same, way benefics found in this Place will not bestow their benefits. Whenever these three stars fall in this sign (the rulers of the Ascendant, of the Lot, and of Daimon), they make men unfortunate and disgraced, those lacking their daily bread. Many will hold out their hands [for alms]"

And yet, Valens says

"The native rose from mediocre origins to become a prefect and a governor."

So the native somehow overcame the deleterious effects of Lot of Fortune landing in the 12th. *And* Lord of Exaltation landing in the 12th

Valens' analysis is very brief.Let's do the full analysis (as per the extracted algorithm, see previous post)

Applying the algorithm we have

1. Sect Lord is the Sun, since it is a day birth.
2. Since the Sun is in Taurus, the triplicity Lords are, in order Venus, Moon, Mars
3. First Triplicity Lord is Venus, which is in its own triplicity, and in the ascendant, so angular.
Second Triplicity Lord is the Moon, which is not in its own triplicity, but is in the 10th, so angular, and is the Lord of the ascendant to boot.
Third Triplicity Lord is Mars, which is in its own triplicity, in the ascendant (so angular). Also there is a mutual reception by domicile between Moon and Mars (not sure Valens considers reception etc, but it is quite evident looking at the chart.)

So all three triplicity lords are very strongly placed. The Moon is not in its own triplicity, but it is the lord of the ascendant, angular(Placed in the 10th), in mutual reception by domicile with Mars, *and* in the 11th from the Lot of Fortune, (as we'll see)

So far we have a very eminent nativity, with triplicity lords governing both halves of life being very strongly placed.

5. The first and second half of life are likely to be eminent (this clashes a bit with the 'mediocre beginnings' history of the native, but Venus the first trigon lord ruling the first half of life is quite strong, so not sure what corresponds to "mediocre beginnings" in the chart - the malefic effect of Saturn?)

6. The Lots of Fortune is in the 12th. This is very bad, as per Valens. The Lot of Exaltation is in the 12th. The Lot of Spirit is in the 2nd.

7. The Lot of Fortune is in Gemini (the 12th) the worst possible place. This has some dire interpretations, as quoted above. However Its ruler Mercury is in the natal 11th which is good

(but 12th from the Lot of Fortune. Hmm I've seen this configuration before - Lot of Fortune in the natal 12th + Lord of Lot of Fortune in the natal 11th, so 12th from Lot of Fortune itself. no idea how to inerpret this.)

The Lot of Exaltation is also in the 12th natally, which would seem to be bad but first from Lot of Fortune, which is very good.

Valens says (emphasis mine) "If it is found to be in the Ascendant or at MC,*** especially at an angle relative to the Lot***, it indicates a royal chart, provided the other stars and procedures point to a basis of greatness for the nativity"

So even though Fortune is in the natal 12th, Lot of Exaltation is in the same place, which is very good as regards eminence (how to interpret placement of Exalatation Lot in the natal 12th though?)

The Lot of Spirit should be in the second, so Leo. This isn't necessarily a very grate place to be, but note that its Lord Sun is in the 10th and trines it, which should be very good.

8. The 11th from the Lot of Fortune (in Gemini) is Aries. Which has its Lord in the Ascendant, and the Lord of the Ascendant Moon, in it. So this is a *very* nice placement.

Net, net, except for the Lot of Fortune being in the natal 12th(and its Lord being in the 12th relative to the Lot) this is a chart that screams "eminence".

so, not surprising that the native became a governor. I'd be interested in which part of the chart shows mediocre beginnings. Except Saturn possibly squaring the Lord of the Ascedant, or possibly conjuncting Lord of the 10th, I can't think of anything.

Then Valens goes on to say "the Lot of Fortune and the exaltation in Gemini, just preceding an angle (hence the beginning of his life was humble), and its ruler [Mercury] in [the XI Place of] Good Daimon."

Hmm so even if the Lot of Fortune is in the natal 12th (very bad as per Valens) if its Lord is in the natal 11th, then it means "humble beginnings" but eventual success?

I have a friend whose chart shows this configuration, Lot of Fortune in the 12th, Lord of Lot of Fortune in the natal 11th. His beginnings are 'humble', true enough, but his life also shows some evidence of the predicted effects for having Lot of Fortune in the natal 12th.

Also natal 11th is 12th from the Lot of Fortune when it is in the natal 12th. So this house should explain the role of fortune in matters relating to the natal 12th (see Minderwiz's post above explaining the intepretation of the places from the Lot of Fortune) so should be about confinement, enmities etc. How does this relate to 'humble birth'?

any tips, Minderwiz?

(Thanks Minderwiz for Valens's chart. I'll do an analysis in a future post)
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