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Originally Posted by RohanMenon View Post
Horoscope #2
ASC Cancer (day birth)
Sun, Mercury in Taurus (11th)
Moon in Aries (10th)
Venus, Mars, Saturn (Cancer,2nd)
Jupiter (Capricorn, 8th)
Lot of Fortune *and Lot of Exaltation* in Gemini (12th)
(so Lot of Spirit should be in Leo - (2nd))

Before getting into the analysis, proper, what instantly "catches the eye" so to speak is that the Lot of Fortune is in the 12th. Valens made rather dire predictions for such a combination

From Book 2 Section 5.

"If the Lot of Fortune is present in this Place (the 12th) and some [star] rules it, there will be no help, not even during transits. They have become enemies from the beginning, from the moment of birth. In the same, way benefics found in this Place will not bestow their benefits. Whenever these three stars fall in this sign (the rulers of the Ascendant, of the Lot, and of Daimon), they make men unfortunate and disgraced, those lacking their daily bread. Many will hold out their hands [for alms]"

And yet, Valens says

"The native rose from mediocre origins to become a prefect and a governor."

So the native somehow overcame the deleterious effects of Lot of Fortune landing in the 12th. *And* Lord of Exaltation landing in the 12th
Firstly, note that Valens gives the Ascendant as Cancer, which you correctly report at the start of your analysis. But then you swap it to Gemini, and assign Mars, Saturn and Venus to the second, and Jupiter to the eighth. Thus you switch angular planets into averse places. The fault is partly mine because the text breaks over a paragraph and I can see you read;

Since this was a day birth, I found the Sun in the triangle of the Moon [Taurus Virgo Capricorn] and its partners, Venus and Mars, at an angle

[Ascendant], the Lot of Fortune and the exaltation in Gemini, just preceding an angle (hence the ....

to get the Ascendant into Gemini. Just close up that paragraph break so that it reads more easily.

As you say, Valens' analysis is brief. However, it's a day birth. The Sun is in Taurus (ruled by Venus) and Venus is the Trigon ruler for a day chart. Furthermore, Venus is in the Ascendant, so we have a very impressive beginning to the analysis.

The second Trigon ruler is the Moon, and she is in the tenth place and she is also the ruler of the Hour Marker (Ascendant). This is the e second best place in the chart (and Venus is in the best place). Mars is the third Trigon ruler and he too is in Cancer in the Ascendant. (not second place as you said above). All three triplicity Lords are angular and in the best two places in the chart. True, being a day chart, Mars is the out of sect Malefic and being in Fall (Depression as it was called by Hellenistic Astrologers) but as you point out, the Moon is in a dominating square to Mars, and also has a mutual reception (exchange of domiciles. Mars malevolence will be reduced.

So with the Ascendant ruler angular, with the Sect Light ruler angular, and all three Trigon rulers angular. This chart screams eminence. Does such a nativity depend on chance to succeed? One might argue that with these placements the ship of life will reach it's destination.

Yes the Lot is badly placed in the chart. But it's ruler is in the Eleventh Place, the Place of the Good Daimon and sextiles the Ascendant. What's more the Lot's ruler is with the Sect Light.

The Lot of Spirit is ruled by the Sect Light and is sextile to the Lot of Fortune and angular to its own ruler and to the ruler of the Lot of Fortune. Incidentally, the ruler of the Hour Marker (the Moon) sextiles the Lot of Fortune and trines the Lot of Spirit.

Spirit here is the stronger of the two Lots; being in a post ascension place, being ruled by the Sect Light and being the Lot of the Sun. So this person is likely to make a fair amount of his own luck.

Note: Fortune, Spirit and Exaltation are not good places, but the rulers are in the eleventh place - the Place of the Good Daimon.

Only two planets have not been mentioned. Saturn is not an outright malefic in a Day chart, It is in its Detriment in the first (Exile for Hellenistic Astrologers) and it too is dominated by the Moon, its ruler.

Jupiter, the Benefic of Sect is also angular in Capricorn (the Descendant), so every planet (Venus, Mars, Saturn, Moon, Jupiter) is either angular or in the eleventh place (Sun, Mercury). Indeed many Hellenistic Astrologers, rated the eleventh, above the seventh and the fifth above the fourth place. By Lilly's time the rating had changed so that eleventh and fifth followed the four angles in importance. But even for Lilly, this chart would have been very impressive in its placements.
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