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Originally Posted by CosmicBeing View Post
There might be A purse you really like but do not have the money to purchase it.
A purse with hearts and barrels on it.

Non literal:
Deep care for your finances causes a lack of goals or money (not spending it easily on anything)
What you said.
Your non-literal interpretation of the cards make the most sense in terms of my overall thought process today.

But event-wise, I can't quite pinpoint what heart could have been referring to. The purse came up because my father offered to get my laptop fixed for me, and I was absolutely appalled by how much they charged him to get the job done. He didn't mind, but I could have definitely bought a new laptop with that money. Wish he would have told me the cost beforehand - I would have said, "Forget it! I'll get a new one."

The barrel could have been my disappointment in that my laptop repairer couldn't recover any of my files. So my laptop was fixed, but it was "empty."
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