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Originally Posted by CosmicBeing View Post
4 cards
Key - Knot -Fox - Handshake
Key - Successful outcome to your problems
Knot - unsuccessful plans
Fox- sitter will be inspired by the resourcefulness and shrewdness of the Fox during time period indicated.
Handshake- A meeting with a stranger could be important. During given time you will meet this stranger.

Well I did have plans with with a few people that didn't work out. So that may be indicated by Key+Knot, but that maybe it will be successful for this 7 day span because of some resourcefulness that allows to meet a stranger (or resourcefulness of someone else that is not me *stranger*)

We shall see!

Note: Handshake pulled two cards to describe stranger Leg & WindChimes. Won't translate this part until after December 14th.
Update 1: There was a girl that I kinda already speak to, but is still pretty much a stranger who studied arabic and middle east culture in college. She told me that she would enjoy meeting up to practice the language with me and also have chats about the middle eastern culture.

I'll come back later to translate leg and windchimes to describe who the stranger is.

Leg- stepping into a new experience.
Windchimes- Peace & harmony.
Not sure how this describes the girl or the stranger.
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