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Valens horoscope # 3

Firstly, note that Valens gives the Ascendant as Cancer, which you correctly report at the start of your analysis. But then you swap it to Gemini, and assign Mars, Saturn and Venus to the second, and Jupiter to the eighth. Thus you switch angular planets into averse places.
Thanks MInderwiz for catching this. I seem to have used the correct places in the analysis itself, while placing them wrongly in the horoscope 'listing'. I'll correct this now.

Spirit here is the stronger of the two Lots; being in a post ascension place, being ruled by the Sect Light and being the Lot of the Sun. So this person is likely to make a fair amount of his own luck.
What is a 'post ascension place'? Below the horizon? (post -after, ascension - the ascendant, just a guess) What is the significance of something being post ascendant?

And now the next example chart.

Example 3:

Day Birth
ASC in Leo
Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury in Aquarius
Moon in Scorpio
Jupiter in Scorpio
Saturn in Aries

Sect Lord is Sun
Who is in Aquarius, so trigon lords are Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter

Saturn is in the 9th in Aries (mutual reception with Mars). Not in its own triangle, but 9th is a good place.

Mercury also in Aquarius. In its own triangle. Angular (7th).

Jupiter is in Scorpio. Not it own triangle. Angular (4th)

Second half of life would seem to be more 'eminent' than the first (which isn't bad imho since 9th house , but Valens rightly says this is a cadent place,so the native's 'first years were ordinary)

Lot of Fortune is in (since day birth, ASC + Moon - Sun = Leo - 3 = Taurus (the 10th. This is excellent). Ruler Venus is in Aquarius, 10th from Fortune, 7th from ASC. Angular by both counts. Very well placed.

Lot of Spirit = Leo + 3 = Scorpio (4th). This is good since (a) angular with respect to ASC, *and* angular with respect to Fortune. Lord Mars is also 7th from ASC, 10th from Fortune. Very well placed, again. (however it does oppose the Lot of Fortune - not sure this is good news)

Lot of Exaltation is in Libra, so 3d from Ascendant and 6th from Fortune (not so great). However its Lord is well placed (10th from Fortune, 7th from ascendant)

The place of accomplishment, 11th from the Lot is Pisces. There are no planets here, and is 8th from the ASC(not so good) . The Lord Jupiter is in Scorpio, angular to both ASC and Fortune, which is *very* good!

So overall, again a very eminent nativity.

(Note: The Exaltation Lord can't be calculated exactly without the degrees of Sun, Moon, Ascendant, so it is important, when giving charts in this form, to explicitly give it,as Valens does here)

(Note 2: In these analyses I'm ignoring aspects etc which would be important in a real world chart. But here I'm just learning the skeletal 'eminence' framework so it all works)
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